Arts and Crafts Textiles

Passing on Our Hand-Weaving Techniques to Create Arts and Crafts Textiles to Future Generations

Taking advantage of the traditional hand-weaving techniques passed down since its founding, Suminoe Textile provides a broad range of products, including products manufactured through the synergy of highly skilled expertise and state-of-the-art equipment.

We have long been involved in manufacturing arts and crafts works. These include hand-woven carpets for the Diet Building and other prestigious buildings in Japan, plush hand-woven curtains for renowned theater halls, textiles for traditional event, as well as company and school flags. Each one of our arts and crafts fabrics is highlighted by the elegant and profound charms of the hand-weaving techniques passed down since our founding. We also serve our customers by manufacturing products—mainly Tango Dantsu (woven using the hooked rug method), as well as doncho, rugs and mats, etc.—in response to the requests of each customer, through the synergy of highly skilled techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

Dantsu (Hand-woven carpets or hooked rug)

Dantsu is a generic name for high-class hand-woven floor carpets or rugs. The Suminoe Textile Group manufactures the Hand-woven Dantsu, which follows a time-honored technique that dates back to the Tempo Period (1830–1844), and the Tango Dantsu, which is woven using the hooked rug method.

Doncho (Curtain that separates the stage from auditorium)

We offer a wide variety of doncho (stage curtains), including the Tsuzureori Doncho woven by hand by craftspeople, the Tango Doncho woven using the hooked rug method, and the Suminoe Art Doncho woven with electronic Jacquard machines.

Arts and Crafts

We manufacture small artistic articles, such as card cases and furoshiki (a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth), using Nishijin brocades.


We sell various types of magnificent flags with embroidery painstakingly added by craftspeople to the prestigious Tsuzureori textiles woven with the traditional Nishijin technique.