Polymer-Molding / Flame-Retardant Technologies

Ensures sense of security and safety in everyday scenes

Both fibers and plastics are familiar items to people. You contact these materials frequently. Suminoe Textile works on the development of polymer molding/flame-retardant technologies, focusing on the polyolefin polymer, to deliver human- and eco-friendly reliable and safe products to consumers.

Applying molding and flame-retardant technologies to polymer floor materials, we have developed thin, strong, and easy-to-install floor marker films. They are used in trains to indicate priority spaces provided for wheelchair and baby carriage users. Made strong and thin to be less catchy, floor marker films resist wear and soiling, are nonslippery and flame-retardant, and are reliable and safe products. They were commercialized after more than two years of vehicle testing on the JR Yamanote Line, which boasts Japan's highest ridership.

Easy-to-install signage film “PH Film”

Soil-resistant aesthetically durable film

The flattened surface of PH Film achieves high resistance to soiling.

Comparison of films after installation test (one week)Left: PH Film (with flattened finish)Right: untreated film (without finishing)

Smoothing out microscopically irregular surfaces to prevent dirt adhesion

Tough wear-resistant film

Flame-resistant and a low level of toxic gas production when combusted

Test Aircraft standard* PH Film
Smoke concentration (max.) 200 max. 67
Fuming-gas analysis (4 min later) (ppm) HCN 150 max. Less than 1
CO 3,500 max. 153
NO + NO2 100 max. 28
SO2 100 max. Undetected
HCL 3,500 max. Undetected
HF 3,500 max. Undetected

When tested for smoke concentration during heating and combustion, PH Film cleared an aircraft standard* (Boeing).

Nonslipperiness for safety when being stepped on

PH Film is smaller than general-purpose PVC films in differences in coefficient of slip resistance between wet (water + dust) and dry (cleaned) conditions. PH Film is easier to walk on, presenting a constant feel of walking.


  • Easy-to-identify floor marker with long-lasting aesthetic appearance
  • Tough material with high peel strength and durability
  • Nonslippery and safe to be stepped on even in a swaying train
  • Flame-resistant and a low level of toxic gas in the event of a fire


FY 2018 (68th) Industrial Technology Award from Osaka Industrial Research Association for PH Film