Deodorizing Capability Imparting Technology

Meeting the deodorization needs of the times

Suminoe Textile has technology designed to selectively and effectively deodorize annoying odorous substances in various environments. It processes everyday items including home interior products such as curtains, carpets, wallpapers, and car interior materials to create comfortable spaces.

Formaldehyde is a causative substance of sick-building syndrome. Odors from sweat and feces and body odor are present in nursing care facilities. To meet the deodorization needs and products of the times, we have developed odor eliminating technology which has been used in many areas including home interior products and car interior materials. Before shipping, we test our products' deodorizing performance and check them in environments where they would be in use. Our technology differs from a photocatalyst in that it can adsorb and decompose odorous substances repeatedly 24 hours a day, even in dark places.

Air-cleaning wall-caverings® distributed by RUNON CO., LTD.


  • 24 hour deodorizing cycle
  • Long-lasting, durable, and safe
  • Evolution of deodorizing technology meeting the needs of the times


FY 2007 (57th) Industrial Technology Award from Osaka Industrial Research Association for TRIPLE FRESH® processing