Interior Fittings

At the Vanguard of Lifestyle Creation

We have worked on the production of eco-friendly products, under the theme of “KKR+A,” or Kenko (Health), Kankyo (Environment), Recycle and Amenity.

Ever since 1891, when its carpets were supplied to the Imperial Diet Building on the occasion of its opening, the Suminoe Textile Group has created comfortable and safe living spaces as a pioneer in the Japanese interiors industry. Currently, our curtains and carpets are primarily marketed by SUMINOE Co., Ltd. and our wallpaper and paper for sliding doors by RUNON CO., LTD. The Suminoe Textile Group is committed to providing environmentally friendly products that feature both excellent design and functionality, and serving diverse customers by offering a wide variety of interior products for public facilities, hotels, schools, hospitals, and office buildings, as well as for general households.