Deodorizing Filter Technology

TRIPLE FRESH® Bio filter

Deodorizing filters coupled with synthetic enzymes utilize adsorption and catalytic functions to eliminate odor. This technology has been developed through an industry-academia joint research program with Shinshu University.

Shinshu University was researching deodorizing synthetic enzymes. Suminoe Textile had dyeing and finishing technology. Applying these technologies, we have imparted a deodorizing capability to a honeycomb paper filter. The deodorizing filter has been selected for a wide range applications such as refrigerators, air purifiers, and a variety of heaters. The product's effectiveness has impressed many customers, as has our Tispa series of stand-alone household deodorizers, “Real odor deodorization without disguising with a scent®”.

Superb fast-deodorizing performance

* Two 100 × 100 × 18 mm pieces of TRIPLE FRESH® Bio filter were placed in a 250 L acrylic box. The residual concentrations of different types of odorous gas (initial concentration = 10 ppm) were measured to calculate removal rates after stirring at a rate of SV = 67,000 H-1.

Durable, with a low level of releasing adsorbed substances

* The TRIPLE FRESH® Bio filter was fitted to a single-pass testing device. Methyl mercaptan (concentration: 20 ppm) passed through the filter continuously at a rate of SV = 140,000 H-1. The residual concentration was measured to calculate the durability of the filter.

Merchandise/application examples

The TRIPLE FRESH® Bio filter has been adopted as a deodorizing filter in merchandise, as shown below.


  • Fast-acting and does not release odor once trapped
  • Long-lasting deodorizing effects
  • Tailored to various spaces through chemical optimization to specific odor types


FY 2008 (58th) Industrial Technology Award from Osaka Industrial Research Association