Initiatives for ESG

SGW SUMINOE GROUP WAY 2022~2024~2027Measures for ESG Initiatives

In the non-financial area of the Medium- to Long-term Management Targets “SUMINOE GROUP WAY 2022-2024-2027,” the Group has stipulated measures for ESG initiatives.

Category Key sustainability issues selectedfrom the SGW challenges Measures Target period Evaluation period
Reduction of CO2 emissions, and development and distribution of products for environmental measures ① Reduce CO2 emissions in the business activities. Each fiscal year
② Increase volume of contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions through products.
③ Develop and sell environmentally friendly products.
④ Review, transmit, educate and disseminate our human rights policy. FY2024 and onward
⑤ Conduct training for the prevention of harassment. Each fiscal year
⑥ Eliminate occupational accidents.
⑦ Acquire “Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations.” By FY2025
⑧ Teleworking and off-peak commuting system FY2023 and onward
⑨ Support for life-work balance (work, childrearing and nursing care) Each fiscal year
⑩ Paid leave by the hour, flex-time system FY2024 and onward
⑪ Promote women’s participation. Each fiscal year
⑫ Employ people with disabilities.
⑬ Employ foreign workers.
⑭ Participation of senior employees
⑮ Education for human resources (IT literacy, education for corresponding stages, etc.) Each fiscal year
⑯ Career self-declaration system FY2023 and onward
⑰ Job rotation FY2023 and onward
⑱ Review of human resources management and evaluation systems
⑲ Dissemination of corporate philosophy and management policy, and the progress will be shared. Each fiscal year
⑳ Consider the timely disclosure of information and transmit it.
㉑ Communication between departments
㉒ Contribution in cases of disasters Each fiscal year
㉓ Support and donation for poverty and starvation
Enhancement of governance ㉔ Restructure the core systems. By May 2024
㉕ Promote interactive in-house communication through top management’s frequent visits to workplaces. Each fiscal year
㉖ Continue to conduct compliance training.
㉗ Further disseminate “Corporate ethics hotline.”
㉘ Strengthen global risk management.
㉙ BCP action plan

Regarding the key performance indicators (KPIs) for the key sustainability issues in the SGW challenges, we are planning to establish the KPIs in the course of identifying the Group’s materiality (key issues) in the future.