Water Wetting Detection System

Large detection area for water wetting

We have developed a fabric through arrangements of conductive yarns and water absorption and quick-drying yarns to make a reaction when wet. While existing water wetting sensor modules are incapable of covering a wide area for water wetting detection, the newly developed fabric is capable of doing so. Its potential applications include uses on nursing care beds.

Conductive yarns covered with water absorption and quick-drying yarns are used to detect water wetting. Conductive yarns with covering are incorporated as warp and weft yarns. Under normal conditions, the water absorption and quick-drying yarns serve as insulation, blocking electrical current. When wet, the yarns pass an electrical current to detect and signal water wetting for the staff at busy nursing care sites. Their potential applications include sweatiness detection systems, drawing on their capability of detecting steam.


  • Flexible and washing-proof
  • Suitable to cover a wide area such as a bed cover
  • Potential applications include sweatiness detection systems owing to its capability of detecting steam