CSR Report

CSR Report 2021

CSR Report 2020 Cover
  • Download full report
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  • Businesses and Global Operation Sites of the Suminoe Textile Group
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  • Top Message
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  • Feature 1. Dialogue Suminoe Textile Supports the “Last Touches”
    Feature 2. Global Expansion and Introduction of an Overseas Affiliate
    PDF Download (1.59MB)
  • Businesses and Strategies of the Suminoe Textile Group
    • Overview and Growth Strategies of Each Business Segment
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  • Initiatives for CSR
    • Corporate Philosophy and CSR System of the Suminoe Textile Group
    • Fiscal 2020 Results of CSR Activities
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  • Enhancing Governance
    • Corporate Governance
    • Ensuring Compliance
    • Risk Management
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  • Initiatives for Society
    • Personal Growth of Employees
    • Promotion of Occupational Health and Safety in the Suminoe Textile Group
    • Personal Success of Employees
    • Communication with Local Communities (Social Contribution Activities)
    PDF Download (882KB)
  • Initiatives for the Environment
    • Environmental Management—Under the Slogan of KKR+A
    • Eco Challenge 2021
    • Eco Challenge 2021 (Fiscal 2020 Results)
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  • Column / Editorial Postscript
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