CSR Report

CSR Report 2019

CSR Report 2019 Cover
  • Download full report
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  • Top Message
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  • About Suminoe Textile Group
    • Overview and Growth Strategies of Each Business Segment
    • Businesses and Global Operation Sites
    PDF Download (661KB)
  • Feature 1. Suminoe Textile Group and SDGs
    PDF Download (2.84MB)
  • Feature 2. Global Expansion and Introduction of an Overseas Affiliate
    PDF Download (1.30MB)
  • Initiatives for CSR
    • Corporate Philosophy and CSR System of the Suminoe Textile Group
    • Fiscal 2018 Results of CSR Activities
    PDF Download (77KB)
  • Enhancing Corporate Governance
    • Corporate Governance
    • Ensuring Compliance
    • Risk Management
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  • Initiatives for Society
    • Growth and Success of Employees
    • Creating Value for Customers
      Contribution to the Environment and Society through Manufacturing
      Further Improvement of Customer Satisfaction (Delivery Track Records of Each Business Segment)
      Communication with Local Communities (Social Contribution Activities)
    PDF Download (2.44MB)
  • Initiatives for the Environment
    • Environmental Management Under the Slogan of KKR+A
    • Fifth Medium-Term Activity Goals —Eco Challenge 2020—
    • Eco Challenge 2020 (Fiscal 2018 Results)
    PDF Download (1.97MB)
  • Column / Editorial Postscript
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