Light-Control Voile Curtains

Blocks sunlight in summer and introduces sunlight into rooms in winter
Smart Veil®

Suminoe Textile offers domestic curtains that control the amount of sunlight entering rooms suitably in each season. Woven in a specific style, the light-control voile curtains block intense sunlight in hot seasons, while allowing sunlight to enter as desired in cold seasons.

The angle of incidence of sunlight entering rooms through windows changes with the season. In hot seasons, the angle is high, while in cold seasons, it is low. We have used our original idea to weave thick yarns into a fabric with the aim of blocking or introducing sunlight suitably in each season. The thick yarns woven into the fabric plays the role of eaves to achieve the contradictory functions of blocking and introducing sunlight.


  • Comfortable illumination achieved throughout the year
  • The fabric is soft, yet functions like a blind.


FY2018 Good design award
* Item (distributed by SUMINOE Co., Ltd.) listed in the curtain catalog “U Life® Vol. 9”