Anti-Allergen-Capable Processing Technology

Blocks allergens in the interior

Suminoe Textile has a processing technology designed to adsorb cedar pollen and tick-derived allergens. Applied to wallpapers, curtains, and carpets, this technology helps make your rooms clean.

The purpose of imparting an allergen-adsorbing function to interior items (wallpapers, carpets, and curtains) that cover wide areas in a room is to reduce allergens in the room. We use an anti-allergen agent that is derived from a natural mineral and has an inorganic multilayer structure. The multilayer structure adsorbs cedar pollen and tick-derived allergens. We have collaborated with Shinshu University to prove that this technology is effective in reducing several types of allergic pollen.

Anti-allergen mechanism of ALLER-BLOCK®

Reduction performance test of ALLER-BLOCK®

A chemical that produces a color by reaction with allergens is used to measure the amount of allergens. After a reasonable length of time in contact with processed and unprocessed wallpapers, the allergen solution is mixed with a reaction liquid to convert the coloring degrees into numbers, which are compared with each other as residual amounts of allergens.

Allergen reduction performance test method (ELISA method: allergen quantity measurement method)
Results of allergen reduction performance test (remaining allergen figures) for ALLER-BLOCK®

* Test using cedar pollen allergens

Figures shown are measurements. They are not guaranteed figures.


  • ALLER-BLOCK® is a natural mineral-derived inorganic substance and is therefore highly durable and heat resistant.
  • Allergens, once captured, will not be released.
  • Effective for various allergens occurring throughout the year, such as from cedar, hinoki cypress, and cock's-foot

Types of adsorbed allergens

  • Cedar, hinoki cypress, cock's-foot, ragweed, and Japanese white birch pollen allergens
  • Allergens contained in dog and cat skins
  • Allergens contained in feces and dead shapes of ticks


FY 2012 (62nd) Industrial Technology Award from Osaka Industrial Research Association for ALLER-BLOCK®