Seat Coverings, Ceiling Materials

Moving into the global arena as a total supplier of automotive textiles

Suminoe Teijin Techno Co., Ltd. is a Suminoe Textile Group company that provides high-quality and high-functional seat covering materials, seat backs, door trims, and ceiling materials. The company was jointly established by Suminoe Textile Co., Ltd. and TEIJIN LIMITED, through the split and consolidation of automotive seating and interior businesses of the two companies. By fusing advanced fiber treatment technology and seat planning development and design capabilities, Suminoe Teijin Techno handles a wide variety of materials both in Japan and overseas.

Seat coverings / Seat backs / Door trims

  • Flat woven fabric
  • Tricot
  • Jersey
  • Synthetic leather
  • Knit fabric
  • Moquette (woven velour)

We produce and sell various materials used for automotive seat coverings, seat backs (the part of the car seat that you rest your back against) and door trims (door lining). Our strength lies in our diverse processing techniques and excellent design performance.

Ceiling materials

  • Knit fabric
  • Non-woven fabric

Car ceilings are mainly made of knit and non-woven fabrics. The Suminoe Textile Group manufactures and sells highly functional products, including ceiling materials treated with TRIPLE FRESH®, which is our original deodorizing technology.

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