Deodorizing effect is added to 3D knitted material excellent in body pressure dispersion and air permeability

This is a functional cushion realized by adding ingenuity to “3D knitted material” finished by knitting fibers three-dimensionally. The material has a cushioning property that allows itself to bend suitably to support heavier portions of the body as if wrapping the body in it; the body pressure dispersion property of the material also allows the body to move moderately. The 3D-mesh weave structure creates space between the body and the bed or the like item, which in turn alleviates the sense of being sweaty. Furthermore, processing fibers through deodorant treatment alleviates worrisome odors. You can use this material as cushioning at sites of nursing services or evacuation sites after a disaster.

TRIPLE FRESH® Deo, a deodorizing processing technology that reduces annoying odors

TRIPLE FRESH® Deo uses metallic compounds that deodorize several types of odors to chemically and physically adsorb and decompose odors in nursing care, medical and daily environments. This technology has not only deodorizing but also antibacterial and bacteriostatic effects.

  • Excellent elasticity and air permeability and hence comfortability
  • Annoying odors are alleviated
  • A 3D-mesh weave structure allows body pressure to be dispersed, preventing bedsores
  • Maintenance is simple and easy to keep cleanliness
  • Antibacterial and bacteriostatic actions

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