Fabric-Coated Heating Products

OEM for home appliance manufacturers and ODM products for home appliance wholesalers

In the household appliance business, we handle electric carpets and mats, electric blankets, electric mattress pads and other bedding products, as well as various small electric heating products. The history of the business dates back to the earliest days of electric carpets. For more than four decades since then, we have supplied the aforementioned products to Japan’s major electronics manufacturers on an OEM basis. Initially, as a carpet maker, Suminoe Textile had dealt only with coverings. However, since 2003 when we launched the production of heater units, we have established an integrated system to develop, produce and supply the main heater units.

We have manufactured excellent products through the synergy of the interior sensitivity, safety-first design, and sophisticated techniques we have refined through our Company’s long tradition. Our products have therefore earned high trust and evaluation in the market. We also offer many products with added functions, such as those incorporating TRIPLE FRESH®, our deodorant treatment technology.

Fabric-coated heating products are produced by Suminoe Textile Vietnam Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Suminoe Textiles Co., Ltd., which are members of the Suminoe Textile Group.

Product lineups

  • Electric carpets
  • Electric blankets
  • Multi-purpose mat
  • Foot warmer

For inquiries, please contact:

Functional Materials Business Division, Functional Materials Business Headquarters, Suminoe Textile Co., Ltd.