Kakidanomi is a persimmon polyphenol supplement we have jointly developed with the Faculty of Agriculture, Kindai University.

Kakidanomi is a supplement containing a high-purity odorless persimmon (kaki) polyphenol, which is extracted from persimmons grown in Nara Prefecture using a patented processing method. Our joint research team carried out a human clinical trial on the acceleration of alcohol metabolism (effective in preventing sickness after drinking). The results showed the effectiveness of Kakidanomi. Also, through a self-awareness survey, we confirmed that the supplement was effective in controlling or reducing the symptoms of intoxication, including sluggishness and nausea.

Kakidanomi is a tablet supplement that is individually packaged, making it convenient for users to carry around. You can easily take this supplement at any time. This polyphenol supplement is recommendable to those who attend many drinking parties on business or privately, and who love to drink. We hope many people will find it useful in their daily lives.

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New Business Development Department, Functional Materials Business Headquarters, Suminoe Textile Co., Ltd.