Improve corporate brand value


Implementation of Group Philosophy training

Now, as we celebrate our 140th anniversary, we have established a new SUMINOE GROUP Philosophy in order for the SUMINOE GROUP to unite to improve corporate value over the medium to long term. We believe that corporate value can be maximized if each officer and employee understands the Group Philosophy and becomes aware of the connection between the ideals they value in their own work and the SUMINOE GROUP Philosophy. We also promote an understanding of the SUMINOE GROUP Philosophy with the belief that it will unify employees’ values and improve their engagement and performance.


To maximalize synergies of the SUMINOE GROUP

In order to develop our one-of-a-kind technologies and products and eventually create social and economic value, we believe that it is essential to maximize synergies of the entire SUMINOE GROUP by sharing and coordinating technologies and ideas between and among different business segments and Group companies. This requires us to change the organizational structure from a conventional “vertical” structure to a structure focusing on “horizontal relationships.” To this end, we are promoting initiatives to facilitate “communication between departments.”
We are planning to hold “Tsunagu-wa-cation  ” events for other various departments and job categories, with the aim of maximizing the SUMINOE GROUP’s synergies.


Two-way communication between officers and employees

As part of its efforts to promote omnidirectional communication, Suminoe Textile Co., Ltd. held roundtable meetings at which the President and officers of the Administration Headquarters talked with employees grouped by age bracket. These meetings, called “Tsunagu meetings   ,” are intended to connect (Tsunagu in Japanese) top management and employees through direct conversations to exchange thoughts and feelings to ensure that the SUMINOE GROUP will continue to develop into a better enterprise in the business environment that is changing rapidly and significantly.

Social Contribution Activities

Community-based Social Contribution

Activities of each factory/office

Both in Japan and abroad, the Group has carried out a wide range of social contribution activities, such as donations, cleaning and education support, in keeping with its Code of Conduct, which states that “We make proactive contributions to the community, as expected of a good corporate citizen.”

TopicsContribution in cases of disasters

The Group donated five million yen through the Japanese Red Cross Society to those affected by the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake.

TopicsSupport and Donation for Poverty and Starvation

In fiscal 2023, Suminoe Textile of America Corporation (“STA”) made donations of money and goods to more than 11 organizations. To support children from impoverished families in the local area, STA’s employees collected stationery that could be used at school and donated it to an organization for families who had difficulty purchasing stationery. In addition, STA’s employees provided gifts to children in support of a Christian charity’s campaign to give presents during Christmas. It also offers factory tours for local high school students as part of their work experience.