The ECOS® series of recycled carpet tiles produced using horizontal recycling technology received the Economy, Trade and Industry Minister’s Prize in the 4th EcoPro Awards.

Our ECOS® series of recycled carpet tiles produced using horizontal recycling technology received the Economy, Trade and Industry Minister’s Prize in the 4th EcoPro Awards organized by the Sustainable Management Promotion Organization.

What are the EcoPro Awards?

The EcoPro Awards award program commends products, services, technologies, solutions, and business models that are highly evaluated by businesses, consumers, investors, and market participants in the Japanese market and that incorporate specific and excellent environmental considerations. It aims to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by promoting the further development and dissemination of environmentally-friendly products and other such means through commendation.

Commentary on the award-winning products

  • The use of recycled products for construction-related materials is not widespread in Japan. One of the reasons is said to be the closed supply chain in the construction industry. In such a situation, the company already has a stable supply chain in the construction market and is in a position to be able to link forward and reverse logistics. We hope that these products will serve as a driving force to promote the spread of reused and recycled products throughout the construction industry.
  • The following points can be highly evaluated:
    - Waste carpet tiles, which have previously been landfilled, are used as recycled materials.
    - Reduction in water usage, electricity usage, and wastewater has been realized by establishing a new method for the dyeing process, which accounts for most of the environmental impact of textile fabrics.
  • It is highly commendable that the company has established a win-win scheme that not only supports waste collection and recycling businesses but also helps the company to create a recycling system through which it purchases recycled materials as a large-scale consumer. It is also highly commendable that it takes into account environmental considerations from the manufacturing stage.

Exhibiting at EcoPro 2021

As an award-winning company, we will exhibit at EcoPro 2021, which will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight East Hall from December 8 (Wed.) to 10 (Fri), 2021.

[Exhibition overview] EcoPro 2021
Period: December 8 (Wed.)–10 (Fri.), 2021 10:00-17:00
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Hall

The ECOS® series of recycled carpet tiles produced using horizontal recycling technology aiming for a sustainable low-carbon society

Aiming for both a sustainable company and society through manufacturing methods which are friendly to people and the environment

The Suminoe Textile Group has a long history of environmental efforts. We introduced environmental initiatives approximately 50 years ago when the housing industry began to assume prominence, causing the acceleration of production of carpets and curtains. We constructed the Nara Factory, a pollution-free factory with consideration given to wastewater and smoke treatment.
Since then, in response to escalating environmental issues, we have been working to reduce the environmental impact of our products as part of our social responsibility under the development philosophy of “KKR+A,” or Kenko (Health), Kankyo (Environment), Recycle, and Amenity.

The ECOS® series of recycled carpet tiles produced using horizontal recycling technology

Waste carpet tiles, which are disposed of in large quantities at the time of renewal of offices, previously had to be dumped in landfills.
The Group has established a framework for repeating the recycling cycle involving the same products for carpet tiles in collaboration with Refinverse, Inc., which has a significant advantage in industrial waste recycling. In the production of the ECOS® series, we have achieved a far higher recycled material ratio and have reduced a far larger amount of CO2 emissions, compared to our conventional products, by newly introducing manufacturing equipment that is optimal for recycling.

The ECOS® series, which has a track record of 10 years since its launch, is a one-of-a-kind product that is both environmentally friendly and economical and that helps us to be committed to “responsible production” as a manufacturer.

We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable low-carbon society while building win-win relationships with our customers, business partners, and partner companies.


  • Having achieved the recycled material ratio of up to 84%, which is one of the highest in the industry
  • Having reduced CO2 emissions by up to 43%
    • The conventional recycled carpet tiles require a separate production of recycled PVC sheet for backing materials and lamination with fabrics, which imposes extra load on CO2 emissions.
    • Backing materials for the ECOS® series has enabled one-line production by kneading recycled PVC powder directly into backing materials, contributing to reducing CO2 by 20% or more.
  • Thorough safety control of recycled materials
    • We only use waste carpet tiles that were made in Japan as materials to recycle for backing materials. We have established a system to maintain the stable prices and supply of recycled materials.
  • Having achieved the same cost performance level as freshly-manufactured tiles

ECOS® Backing Material Recycle System