Deodorizing Filters

Proposing deodorizing solutions that meet respective needs

Our deodorizing solutions based on our odor evaluation and chemical agent processing technologies have gained a high reputation from customers. With the deodorization technologies we have developed for over 20 years, we will continue to expand into a wide range of fields.

TRIPLE FRESH® Bio is our proprietary deodorizing treatment technology that can be applied to a wide range of products. This technology features a cyclic deodorization process, which continuously absorbs and decomposes offensive odors around-the-clock, without the need for any heat sources, ultraviolet equipment or energy.

Application examples

Honeycomb deodorizing filters

We have developed TRIPLE FRESH® Bio, specifically geared to honeycomb deodorizing filters. This technology is used for a variety of purposes.

  • Air cleaners
  • Refrigerators
  • Ceramic heaters
  • Equipment in public facilities

Fabric deodorizing filters

As TRIPLE FRESH® treatment is also applicable to non-woven textiles, mesh, and other fabric materials, this technology finds an even wider range of applications.

  • Air-conditioner pre-filters
  • Electric fan covers
  • Equipment in public facilities

Tispa Series

Our deodorizing filters are applied to the Tispa Series deodorizers for home use, which have been on the market under the Suminoe Textile brand.

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