Functional Sheet

Functional Sheet (water shielding/thermal insulation)

“Moisture-permeable and thermal insulating roof-underlying sheet” for general housing-use thermal insulating roofingEnergy saving

This is a functional sheet used as a roof-waterproofing sheet for general housing. Compared with asphalt roofing for general use, this functional sheet is lighter and more air-permeable. In addition, it is a roofing material that insulates heat, providing a comfortable living space and supporting the manufacture of energy-saving and highly durable houses.

Special water-sealing sheets for waste disposal sites: “Total water-sealing system” and “Temporary work sheet”Pollution prevention

This is a functional sheet used on slope faces and bottom faces of waste disposal sites. In our “Total water-sealing system,” VARIAS, a specially processed water-sealing sheet, plays the role of preventing rainwater permeating into waste from leaking into the soil. Protective sheets are composed of nonwoven polyester fabric made from PET bottles, being eco-products resulting from our aggressive efforts to conserve the environment.

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