Fiber / Textile-Shaped Photovoltaic Cells

Under Development

Photovoltaic soft fabric

Suminoe Textile's proprietary technology has made it possible to form thin-film organic photovoltaic cells around yarns, known as fiber/textile-shaped photovoltaic cells. As flexible power-generating components never been seen before, their expected applications include power sources for IoT equipment and wearable devices.

In the textile industry, wearable devices are currently being developed as a technology combining electronics and apparel. Wearable devices need a flexible power supply. Suminoe Textile has developed fiber/textile-shaped photovoltaic cells. With thin-film organic photovoltaic cells formed around yarns, the fiber/textile-shaped photovoltaic cells are soft and breathable. Toward commercialization, we are using dedicated weaving machines to pursue further development of textile solar cells, including weaving structures that let in light efficiently.

Schematic of Fiber-shaped Photovoltaic Cells


  • Highly flexible by “textile-shaped”
  • Setting on the curved surface
  • Backside light is available
  • Indoor light is also available
  • Breathability


FY 2016 Technology Award of the Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan for the development of fiber/textile-shaped photovoltaic cells