Fabric Electrode

Under Development

Use of fabric for measuring biological data

We are working on the development of a fabric electrode that makes an excellent intimate touch to the skin, using a nanofiber coating of skin-friendly polymer over a highly flexible and breathable conductive fabric. This electrode can be potentially deployed to wearable merchandise.

Conductive gel is a common choice as a component for measuring biological data. However, lacking breathability, conductive gel is not suitable for long-hour measurement. We have used our proprietary technology to develop a fabric electrode, which comes with improved intimate touch to the skin by applying nanofibers, which are less irritant to the skin, onto the conductive fabric. The fabric electrode has the flexibility and breathability unique to fabric products. Its use for wearable devices is under development.

Fabric electrode
Electron micrograph cross section (×250)


  • Greatly flexible and adhesive
  • Reduction of stimulation to the skin
  • Highly breathable compared to gel electrode